Locks Heath Nursery

39 Locks Road, Locks Heath, Southampton, Hampshire SO31 6NS

Two – Three Years

Your little angel’s are striding confidently now and take there next step to our toddler room where life gets a lot busier.

The 2-3 room is run by:

Georgia – Room Leader

Georgia – Room Leader.  Georgia joined PiXieS in 2012, and she works with Millie and the team in the 2-3 room.

With an extensive amount of continuous provision the children are often torn between the role play, construction, creative and the quiet area. There is always something to keep them busy, capturing their imaginations at all times.

This is a room in which the development continues from friendship forming, learning about emotions, being independent and exploration.

The 2-3 room have their own garden area leading off from the room to which they have free flow access throughout the day but they still venture into the larger garden at least twice a day to run and whiz around the garden burning off that energy before home time.

After lunch time the 2-3’s take their sleep time in the room on individual sleep mats with clean lining. If your child doesn’t sleep there will still be an extensive range of fun activities going on.

This age group love to be independent so all staff members allow the children to do as much self help as they can / want and are on hand to offer help if needed.

A 2 year old check summary of every child’s development is completed in this room by the child’s key person. This progress check concentrates on the 3 prime learning and development areas of the EYFS:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Communication and language.

These checks are completed in the term after your child’s second birthday –  and a copy is supplied to parents / carers to file in their children’s red hand held development book.