Locks Heath Nursery

39 Locks Road, Locks Heath, Southampton, Hampshire SO31 6NS



The outdoor facilities we have allows each child, regardless of their age or developmental stage, to connect with nature, be more active and enjoy the fresh air. Using the outdoors in this way, the children become more engaged with their learning, develop their social skills and most importantly they have great fun!

With hard and soft landscaping, our garden areas are an exciting place to be. The gardens have been designed to encourage natural curiosity and exploration. Each area is well-equipped for a specific age group and to provide a range of experiences.


Children can discover and experiment with lots of natural materials; sand, water, plants, mud, flowers and compost. Discovering bug-life in our “bug mansion” opens a world of wonder and becomes a great basis for discussion – What is the mini beast called? What colour is it? What does it eat? Has it got legs? How many?



Children have the opportunity to plant seeds in our growing area and watch as these grow. They learn that plants need sunlight and they help water them so that they grow big and strong. The older children participate in harvesting their crop in the growing area and are always very excited when it comes to eating the fruit and vegetables – it’s a great way to get children interested in and eating fresh food!

growing area