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    Tell us about your PiXieS experience!


    I’d like to say a huge thank you to all at Pixies involved in the leavers play last week – even with high expectations from everything I’d heard we were still amazed at how fantastic it was! How you managed a ‘costume change’ for 32 children I can’t begin to imagine. Abigail was more excited than I’ve ever seen her and hasn’t really calmed down yet. It will be another wonderful memory for all of us to cherish from her time at Pixies, thanks again.

    3 Stars

    Accolade 9

    I would like to thank PiXies Woolston for the lovely Mothers Day special that was arranged for Monday Morning. It was a really nice way to share a Pixie morning with Ruby and the other children. As a busy parent we just drop off and pick up everyday and hear about the great fun the children have had but to actually experience it first hand is a must for any parent. Thank you all for your hard work it is appreciated. Carol

    Accolade 8

    We have been part of the Pixies family for nearly 10 years now! Oliver and Zach have both grown up through all the rooms at Pixies and graduated onto ‘big’ school and Lucy’s time there is flying by and it will nearly be time for her to start at pre-school. We have always been so pleased with the love and care the girls have given (and continue to give) our children and they have ensured that they have grown into happy, confident and sociable children. I have never had cause to worry about whether they are ok because they have always been so happy to be at Pixies. Thankyou so much for having such a positive influence on our children’s lives. Sarah, Giles, Oliver, Zach and Lucy Fryett xxx

    Accolade 7

    Leo has loved coming to Pixies for over 2 years now and has made lots of friends who he will go on to school with. He has been so happy and settled there that it made the decision to go back to work when Isla was only 8 months old a lot easier. And she loves it there as well. She gets so excited when she arrives – its very funny to see ! They both get to experience and enjoy lots of different activities that they might not do very often at home – especially the ‘messy’ ones! Thank-you to everyone at Pixies!

    Accolade 6

    Pixies have been brilliant for us. We’ve been using them for the last 7 years. We will miss them when our youngest son Dante will start school in September of this year. The girls are great with the children, both of our sons are growing up with great memories of Pixies. I would recomend any parent who would is looking for a nursery to use Pixies !

    Accolade 5

    Our daughter (Tilly) absolutely loves her time at Pixies. The staff are so friendly and helpful, nothing is to much trouble. You feel part of a family there. I know when Tilly leaves for school, my husband and myself are going to miss the friends we have made there, as well as Tilly missing the friends she has made over the last 4 years.

    5 Stars

    Accolade 4

    Both my boys have attended pixies since they were about 9 months old, and the love and care they receive from all the girls there is fantastic. In fact they have so much fun that sometimes they don’t want to come home. The artwork they bring home and photos in there special book’s to chart progress and for us to see what they get up to show how much fun thy have getting messy and taking part in activities that they wouldn’t get to do at home. Also my eldest (now in preschool), has had a variety of health issues and all the staff have been amazingly supportive and the extra lengths they have gone to, to help with his speech difficulties have been brilliant. As a working mum it is so fantastic not having to worry about the boys during the day. Thank you to all of you so much for all the enjoyment and support you give.

    Accolade 3

    Pixies was a part of our lives for 6 years and I can never thank you all enough for the care you have shown. From babies to wonderfully stable, happy young children. Jessica and Callum still talk about the fun times, especially the messy play – they would never have been able to roll around in paint and shaving foam at home! I am so grateful that I was able to go to work each day and not have to spend any time worrying about whether they were ok. I think a special mention is needed for the great food that you provided to the children as well. I know that a lot of time and effort goes in to ensuring that the meals are balanced and healthy for the kids. I would always recommend Pixies to anyone that asks and I feel privileged to have been a part of it. Best wishes for the future – the Goddard family xx

    Accolade 2

    Pixies is part of my family and has been for nearly 8 years. Sophie and Helen both started at 3 months old in P1 Locks Heath, and only left the day before they had to start school. I sound like a heartless parent, but to be honest, they had such fun at Pixies I couldn’t compete at home! Both the girls have developed great social skills and started school well ahead of their peers – they could count, recognise letters, and use pencils and pens well. As a parent, the girls are now great explorers and have learnt the skills to try – the parent files that I have for the girls are full of pictures of them loving life – and I will use them to embarrass them when they get older! THANKYOU is not enough – the Pixies legacy will emerge throughout the lives of my family. Kate, Mark, Sophie and Helen x

    Accolade 1