Woolston Nursery

63 Portsmouth Rd, Southampton, Hampshire SO19 9BE

Food & Menus

Our Kitchen at Woolston is headed by our cook Julie.


Here at PiXieS we value the food we give our children. We strongly believe in the importance of a well balanced and nutritional diet. Here at PiXieS the importance of giving children health-building and delicious food is never underestimated. You will always walk into the building to the smell of the day’s dinner or tea bubbling away in the kitchen. Many parents have requested our recipes as when they try and reproduce a “PiXieS dinner” the children have been known to say “but it’s not like the one we have at PiXieS.” Some parents have even told their children that they order from the PiXieS cook.

Dietary requirements for each child’s needs are recorded and monitored on a daily basis. We cook for several children, for example those with medical diets or religious requirements, vegetarian and vegan foods, our cook is able to accommodate for many different varieties. They do their best to replicate the meals so that the child won’t feel they are having anything different to the rest of the children.

All of our food is freshly made and cooked on site using only the finest of ingredients to ensure your child receives all the goodness he/she needs. All our meals are cooked from scratch without the use of processed foods. Lasagne, sausage casserole, quiche all start out life as raw ingredients and the only tins you will find are tinned tomatoes and baked beans.

We order our meat from a reputable local butcher; this includes beef mince, pork chipolatas, roast joints, & diced lamb.

Our menu works on a four week rota. Over the four weeks we cook a range of different meals and we try our hardest to accommodate all children even those who do one or two sessions a week. Our afternoon tea has been developed by the children looking at what they enjoy and our all time favourite tea is “Cheese and marmite bake” – it’s divine.

We also have a separate baby menu to suit our younger babies tastes.

Summer Menu

Winter Menu

We are proud to say that our kitchen has received a food hygiene rating of 4.