Woolston Nursery

63 Portsmouth Rd, Southampton, Hampshire SO19 9BE


The final nursery stage is upon you, your babies are growing up fast, and the preschool stage feeds their knowledge and captures their imagination.

Our preschool is run by:

Shelbie – Room leader

Shelbie joined PiXieS in 2015 and has been Room Leader of our 2-3 room before becoming room leader of our busy Preschool.

Taylor – Deputy Room Leader

Taylor joined PiXieS in 2016 and she works alongside Shelbie, working closely with the preschool team.

At this magical age they have so much enthusiasm to learn and develop, at PiXieS we believe in capturing their interests and imaginations by planning activities based on the children’s interests and likes. All activities are accessible to the children for their independent choice. In the preschool we encourage children’s independence by supporting them in everyday routines such as dressing, serving their food, pouring drinks, toileting and dealing with conflicts and turn taking with their friends.

We start to encourage letter sounds by using these in everyday practice, on a daily basis we take time to say good morning to all our friends and discuss the days of the week, the weather and the topic of the week.