Locks Heath Nursery

39 Locks Road, Locks Heath, Southampton, Hampshire SO31 6NS

Childrens Kitchen

We have our very own kitchen that the children can access with supervision from practitioners. They love cooking up different foods from scratch and get involved with the mixing, kneading, rolling.

Cooking has a big importance to children and can benefit them in a number of ways. Cooking can help:

  • Build basic skills. Cooking can help children hone basic math skills by doing something as simple as counting eggs or pouring water into a measuring cup. Following steps in a recipe can work on listening skills.
  • Encourage an adventurous palate. Preschoolers are notoriously picky eaters, and bringing them into the kitchen to cook can help get them to open up to new tastes. We encourage children to taste new ingredients we work with and talk about what they like and how healthy foods make their bodies grow.
  • Help young kids explore with their senses. Children learn by exploring with their senses and the kitchen is an ideal place to do it. Listening to the different sounds of equipment, watching the process from start to final product, and tasting the yummy end product.
  • Boost confidence. Children love to show what they can do and working in the kitchen provides opportunities to gain a sense of accomplishment.

child's kitchenchild's kitchen 2