Locks Heath Nursery

39 Locks Road, Locks Heath, Southampton, Hampshire SO31 6NS


Our baby unit sees the very first milestones in your babies life from crawlers to walkers. This department is run by a room leader and a co – ordinator who work together with the different age groups, each child develops at different stages in their early life so we have the benefits of having 2 rooms and 1 team in our unit suitable for their developmental needs.

Our Baby Room Room Leader is:



Our baby unit is divided into 2 rooms, one being a designated messy room where our babies love to use their senses with lots of different messy activities. They have a well balanced set up in their room in which they have a creative area, soft play areas and free choice to toys.

There is an outdoor area directly outside their gate which at times of the day is left open to encourage free flow garden play. We also have a larger area in our main garden dedicated to the babies for use of the trikes push alongs, large play equipment allowing them more room to run and explore.

The babies have a separate sleep room which we believe is tranquil and relaxing for babies to sleep in.

The vinyl floor area gives the children opportunities to get very messy with a number of sensory activities such as water, sand, gloop, jelly and much more. Under floor heating keeps the babies warm in the colder months of the year as they roll and crawl around the floor.